Aberdeenshire Council Insch
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Project Objectives

A summary of the key aims for this study can be found below. The main objectives of the Insch Flood Study are to develop better understanding of flood risk; assess the extent of the existing flood risk and; develop, appraise and recommend options to manage flood risk. The options may include a range of structural and non-structural options, for example flood protection schemes, natural flood management, awareness raising and property level protection.

  1. Develop better understanding of flood risk
    • Create, update or develop new/existing flood model information
    • Determine existing flood risk
    • Develop flood mapping, depths and velocity from model outputs
  2. Develop recommendations for management of flood risk, including structural and non-structural options
    • Appraise actions to manage flood risk (develop Benefit-Cost Ratios for any proposed schemes)
    • Recommend options for the future management of flood risk
  3. Prepare a preferred Flood Protection Scheme (most suitable option to take forward)
  4. Engage partners and stakeholders
Project Objectives - Insch Flood Studies